We all have creative dreams. But sometimes we struggle taking action on those ideas. In today’s episode, I sat down with my guest Shanell to explore the mindset shifts that she learned from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She reveals how this book helped her in her life, her business, and on her creative journey. We also talked about other books that ignite creativity and spark our imagination when we need it most.  


What we talked about

  • Our thoughts on Big Magic.

  • Learning what we need from the books we pick up.

  • How Big Magic suggests we deal with fear.

  • The concept of “feeling the fear, and doing it anyway”.

  • Understating failure and success when it comes to doing something that you are passionate about.

  • 4 core principles in Big Magic – Courage, Enchantment, Permission, and Persistence

  • What you will not get from reading this book and how that could be beneficial.


Books mentioned in this episode:


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