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Unlock the full potential of you next event

Planning with peace of mind

Executing with efficiency



Elevate your next event with the support of our management services.



Receive actionable steps, guidance, and/or support from an experienced planner. 

Turning event Ideas into quality experiences

Braggs Planning Group was created to help industry leaders plan meaningful and memorable events that support and grow their communities.

We give our clients peace of mind with our well-organized planning process.

Ensure they feel supported as we execute the plan with efficiency.

And we finalize the planning experience by evaluating the project to ensure future success. 

5 Reasons Why You Need An Event Planner

Catch up on the latest info and tips to help you on your planning journey.

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Our Latest Work

We take delight in our work and love adding beautiful memories to our client’s events.  We approach everything with intentionality so that our events are well-experienced and well-remembered!

Jania Braggs Jay Jay Braggs Braggs Planning Group Event Planning Digital Launch
Jania Braggs Jay Jay Braggs Braggs Planning Group Event Planning Digital Launch
Jania Braggs Jay Jay Braggs Braggs Planning Group Event Planning Digital Launch

Our Process

We take pride in our work and our 4 step process has been the glue to successfully grow Braggs Planning Group.

We work directly with you in planning your event for success. Bringing your vision to light is our goal and after years of experience we have mastered how to seamlessly execute to meet your timeline on schedule and on budget. Throughout the entire process we collaborate with you however we manage 100% of the project. Our goal is to remove the headache of planning your own event.  

Book a session with us! We will be glad to learn about your event.

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Management

Leave all the overwhelming planning details to us!


We overestimate the event and underestimate the process. Every fulfilled dream occurred because of dedication.” ~ John Maxwell

In-person or Digital launches

We can get your project off the ground in two ways – VIP Planning Day or 1:1 Strategy + Management Services.

Book a VIP Planning Day and we will get your event squared away in 1 day.  Yes, ONE DAY!

Book a 1:1 Strategy and Management service and we will be with you every step of your event journey.

VIP Planning Day

1:1 Strategy + Management Services

From Our Clients

We absolutely love feedback! Without our client’s input we would never know how to serve you better.

“Her ability to be strategic, get the big picture, and keep me organized all while delivering real results has done nothing but scale & enhance my business”


Social Media Coach & Influencer, For Da Gram Virtual Course

“We would not have been able to pull this off without you. Our unity day was way better than we imagined. To God be the glory for sending you to us.”


“Every detail was covered, and any issue was addressed efficiently and confidently.”


Natural Hair Meet-up & Pop Up Shop, CURLY CORNER

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