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Jania "Jay" Braggs

Jania "Jay" Braggs

CEO & Owner


My full name is Jania (juh-nay-yuh) but please, call me Jay. I am a Digital Launch Strategist & Event Planner.

Chicago born but Las Vegas raised. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved helping others plan and execute their events and projects. When I realized I was spending all of my free time organizing, planning, and managing events and various projects I figured it was time to get serious about my passion and serve on a larger scale.

After my time at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, I began working as a Wedding Planner. Fast forward 3 years to January 2019, I took my passion for planning to the next level by offering planning and management services to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Braggs Planning Group

BPG was created to help industry experts strategically plan retreats and conferences for their online communities and memberships.

Our services are designed to take the hassle of planning off your to-do list, making the entire planning process less stressful for you. With our services, you will have the time and mental clarity needed to focus on other business aspects.

What Makes Us Different

We get it, there are a ton of event companies out there that you can work with. We don’t take it lightly that you are considering our team.

Your event is important to us. That’s why our service experience is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to serving you in a few distinctive ways.


Service Through Integrity

We consider it an honor that you’d put your faith in us for your project. We are committed to maintaining a transparent and honorable planning process.

Service Through Diligence

Your time is valuable. That’s why we are committed to serving you with our quick and efficient processes.

Service Through Passion

Planning is our passion! We continue to educate ourselves in our industry and search for new ways to enhance our client’s planning experience. We love what we do, and it shows!

The vision is possible. You simply need help identifying and implementing the steps to help you accomplish it.” ~Jania “Jay” Braggs

our Work

We take our work serious….we just happen to have fun while working!