In today’s episode, you’ll listen to a buddy read discussion on Biting the Hand by Julia Lee. In this memoir, Julia shares her experience growing up Asian in a black-and-white America.

Tune in to hear Jay and the other book club members chat about their thoughts on this book and the impression it left on them.

*Some of the contents discussed in this episode could be considered a spoiler.


What we talked about

  • Our first impressions of the book.

  • Julia’s parent’s immigration story.

  • Dealing with the emotional trauma of our ancestors.

  • The stereotypes of “the angry Asian Woman” and “the angry Black Women”.

  • Have we become overly sensitive when it comes to race?

  • The LA riots.

  • The killing of Latasha Harlins in LA.

  • Our final ratings and thoughts on the book.


Books mentioned in this episode:


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Final Thoughts: